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Spital Chapel of
St. James

The Spital was originally built in 1274 by Sir Philip de Marmion, who owned Tamworth castle.
It has survived and was restored
extensively in 1915.
It is a building of historical importance in the town and takes part in Tamworth's heritage day each September, as well as a Ride & Stride
event in Staffordshire.
50 person capacity.
Regular services are held in the chapel — see our Services page.
There is an active 'Friends' of Spital support group.
All welcome to join. 

Wigginton Road Gate (Main Entrance)

14-16 Wigginton Road, Tamworth B79 8RH

This Gate has on-road parking available nearby.
It lies almost opposite the Spital Bowling and Tennis Club

Ashby Road Entrance Gate

Ashby Rd, Tamworth B79 8RH

This Gate can only be accessed by foot.
It has no on-road parking available nearby.
This Gate lies almost opposite the entrance to the
Landau Forte Academy QEMS.