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Wigginton Parish MAP 2019/20


Following Lichfield Diocese:-
As we follow Christ in the footsteps of St Chad, we pray that the two million people in our Diocese encounter a church that is confident in gospel, knows and loves its communities, and is excited to find God already at work in the world. We pray for a church that reflects the richness and variety of those communities. We pray for a church that partners with others in seeking the common good, working for justice as people of hope.

As a Diocese we are committed in all we do to developing discipleship, encouraging vocation and inspiring evangelism.

Our Church exists to....

To be a centre of worship and prayer in praise of God. (Discipleship & Evangelism)

Providing fellowship, discipleship and nurture. (Discipleship)

Listen to God, to each other and everyone in our community. (Discipleship & Evangelism)

Demonstrating God’s love for all in our community. (Vocation & Evangelism)

Giving everyone the opportunity to find and explore a relationship with God. (Discipleship, Vocation & Evangelism)


1. The Growth Course.

2. The Well-Being Group.

3. The improved Magazine.

4. The use of the contactless machine and bag at occasional services

5. Supporting students at Rawlett School.

6. Safeguarding training completed.

7. Taking part in the Bible Readathon.

8. Linking with the Mothers' Union to produce the Christingle and Angels.


1. Study Group and Advent & Lent Meditations.

2. Additional people on Chalice and EC.

3. Prayer Ministry

4. Pastoral Team.

5. Success in inviting families back to special services.

6. Growing relationship with St Leonards School, Flaxhill and Ashcroft.

7. Increased support for Deanery, TCC and Diocese.

8. Facebook page updated regularly.

9. Website gaining followers.

10. Welcome Pack updated and delivered to new houses in our parish.

11. Visiting cards distributed throughout the parish.

12. Continued support for the church's associated groups.

13. Continued support for a number of charities.

14. Continue to develop as a Dementia Friendly Church.

15. Continue to develop Children's involvement.


1. Bereavement Training for the Pastoral team leading to bereavement visits.

2. To meet our current Parish Share


1. To be more visible as a Christian presence in Wigginton Parish.

2. To increase the size of the congregation.

3. To reduce our debt.

Achievements for last quarter of year.

The children's Christingle event was very well attended.

1400 Christmas stockings were distributed around the parish.

Over 200 Christmas shoeboxes for children were assembled by our church and school.

All the Christmas services were very well attended, especially the Carol Services at St. Leonard's and Spital Chapel.

The Pilgrim Enquirers course is well attended. There are enough people for two groups now.

Pastoral support at Rawlett school continues.

The Young @ Heart group enjoy their services and our regular visits to them.

Links between our church and St Leonards school are strong.

We have met our reduced Parish Share.

The Christmas fayre was very successful with a record take.

The dance group continue to be part of our church family.

We welcome the Yoga group now using our centre and extending their hours.

The Being Well Group continues to meet.

This is a working document. A copy of this MAP will be made available for each family in our congregation. A named member of PCC (Sue Sly Churchwarden) will be responsible for keeping the PCC aware of how well we are following our MAP guidelines where it will appear on the agenda of PCC meetings, culminating in an overhaul of the policy before each AGM.

April 2019.